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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  October 1, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> we start at the shore, in atlantic city, fire burning for seven hours and count be and high winds along the coast are kicking up the flames here on block long strip of businesses, the good news here everybody got out safe, unfortunately, not like your store. >> i very sad story here, philadelphia state police trooper killed yesterday in a accidental shooting, we will tell you more about who he is, how it all happened. kerry? >> lauren, you usually swipe your card at the atm not the entire machine. those things are pretty heavy as you can tell. he almost got away with it, but what happened just couple of seconds late their lands him behind bars. , good day, it is wednesday, october 1st, october 1st,
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2014. >> don't you love fall? , pumpkins. >> go on. >> the whole shaban. flyers campfires, smors, halloween. >> this just in. you know what my daughter going to be for halloween? no one is going, as ella from frozen? that's unique and original idea. >> avery will be a monster. >> a monster? >> she wants to be a monster. >> yes, i'm sure she will be quite scary. >> roam got the first day of october to get through now, and let's see what kind of number we select in the our numbers by the weather today. mostly cloudy skies, and then few sprinkles here and, there as you see, here on ultimate doppler, few nuisance showers around, but not much more than cloud cover around metro area, berks county seen few here and there. temperatures not that much different. 64 degrees nazi, 50's in the
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mountains, 58 in lancaster 63 wilmington, 63 wildwood, as well. it was pretty nice tuesday, we had enough sunshine, to take us all the way to 79 degrees, 72, is the average hi, today we expect 74 degrees with clouds, sunshine, and stray shower and it will be a very similar day than yesterday. maybe more clouds than sun at times. there is your witness, two minutes after 5:00 o'clock, here's your traffic. clementon, new jersey, white horse avenue, between white horse and berlin road. accident there still has the right lane blocked. on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between virginia drive and bensalem, construction, and that has the left lane blocked. and on the new jersey turnpike, northbound, between the walt whitman service area and 73, more construction has the left lane blocked until about 6:00. kerry? >> sue, thank you. 5:02, following breaking news of course out of atlantic city
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, fire tears through several structures on the board walk. >> steve keeley is there, and you put on the fire jacket, because those flames are right behind you. >> a week ago today, saw us down here for the nor'easter, a mini nor'easter down here, and the rain not helping, even though it is coming down with the high wind, and that's the problem, the rain being blown sideways. so, despite all of the rain, that's falling straight through to the flames, because you can see through the one window, that the roof is gone. so you can see, flames through this window, and you can see there is cents no roof any more, the reason the fire department is staying safely back is floors collapse, had fire walls collapse. and so it is a whole block here, of businesses, and apartments above the businesses. and, this fire started at 10:00 o'clock, look at the video, at the height of the flames there is probably not even the height, because this is when our photographers finally got from philly, down here to the shore couple of
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hours after the first call, see the whole roof gone. and it was a real tough battle for the firefighters. the easy part that they had was everybody who was in all of the apartments above the businesses, and inside the businesses cents, all got out on their own before the flames got real bad. we're talking about 20 people, including a lot of little kids living in the apartments above the businesses, and the reason the businesses were still open, past 10:00 o'clock; at least two of them are adult businesses, private club open all hours, then got another adult move at this store that advertises, open 24/7 on its front sign here, and so they were open and maybe why that's call got in so soon. instead of the middle of the night, when nobody was in the businesses maybe and everybody was asleep, apartments, could have been much worse, especially since the winds are real causing havoc here. talk to our friends dennis brooks down here, they know something about fighting fires in these jersey shore winds,
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but this is really a stubborn one. >> it is going in the direction of the wind. that's our "issue tonight". >> no injuries to civilians or firefighters. we've had two partial collapses cents it, 11:16 and in the rear of 1118 collapsed. >> okay,. >> soy it is not like they're letting the fire burn itself out. powering water on this thing from all angles, just a lot to burn still, and the wind are just creating half okay they keep changing direction, so sometimes see the flames below south, then things you know blowing north amazing situation down here with these wind. >> still plenty of building left to burn, still plenty of walls left to clams. that's why everybody is saying keep the perimeter we've learned about philly.
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>> not from hurting anybody, since nobody's been hurt at all. coming back to the live picture, the trump taj mahal bright lights still open. two blocks back from the boards walk, not affecting casino business, but across from rite aid pharmacy, one of the 24 hour businesses cents and this place as you can see the front door open, and it has been busy place, so not creating too far havoc here at the shore but good thing everybody got out of here alive. that's really the top headline here. >> 5:06. now to tragic accident, that has claimed the life of a young pennsylvania state trooper. >> was shot yesterday during training exercise in the montgomery county training complex, lauren johnson joins us for the very latest. so sad, lauren, good morning. >> good morning, chris. very tragic story, very little information came out yesterday about this situation.
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bye today expect more information about how 26 year old david kendra died during training exercise, it is believed he was accidentally shot in the chest at the montgomery county safety training complex. let's look at video from yesterday. this is from outside of temple university hospital. trooper was air lifted. his body load intoed a hurst and taken to funeral home by a full motorcycle escort. start troopers and philadelphia police officers lined to up show their respect. troop her been a member of the philadelphia state police since june of 2012. he was currently serving with troop k, out of the skippack barracks, he sadly is the 96 member of the state police, to be killed in the line of duty in the history of the philadelphia state police. again, the shooting is currently being investigated by the state police and the montgomery county district attorney's office. and again, we do expect more information to be released today about exactly how this situation unfolded.
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chris? >> latest deadly ambush, officers found pipe bombs in the woods as the search for the suspect aaron frein continues. investigators say the bonds were fully functional, but appear to have been left behind. today marks day 20 in the manhunt for frein. fox 29 has learned, there were sitings of frein's camp sites where some of his personal belongings were found over the weekends. frein accused as you know of killing corporal brian dixon seriously wounding another trooper outside the barracks september 12th. kerry? >> chris, thank you. 5:08. developing this morning, officials trying to reassure the public after the diagnosis of the first case of the ebola virus hits the united states. doctors treating this critically ill man in isolation, at a hospital in dallas, texas. the patient recently traveled to liberia, and started showing symptoms couple of days ago, and went straight to the hospital. health officials say there is limb risk to the public.
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>> we protect people in this case by making sure we find the contact, identify them, and make sure that they're traced every day for 21 days, and if they develop a fever, that they're immediately isolated. >> i have no doubt that we will control this importation or this case of ebola so it does not spread widely in this count. >> i fox 29 will look deep near that possibility, a little bit later this morning, on good day, when we speak with doctor oz. >> even large nerve china today after hong kong's leader refused to meet with pro-democracy demonstrators by midnight deadline. thousands are clog the streets until their demands are met from the chinese government. they want the right to choose their own leader hon congress' chief executive says beijing, won't budget. >> saying the president road elevator at the cdc this
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month, with an armed security contractor, who had a criminal record, and secret service didn't even know he was armed, until they fired him and he had to turn over his gun. a breach obviously where a man jumped the white house fence and got inside with a knife. a lot of people calling for secret service director julia pearson to quit. >> the protocol is lacking, training just not happening, and leadership really questionable. she is not turned this agency around. and this is an agency that can never, ever, ever make a mistake, and yet they're happening fats err than we can even name them. >> really, just absurd. pearson grilled by congress yesterday, as lawmakers investigate how this breach could have happened. >> also talking about how the secret service evidently had a call to their attention, that bullet holes were found, the outside of the white house, by the cleaning crew. >> seven shots, and they heard the shots, and the secret
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service said stand down, it is just a car backfiring, but somehow, somebody managed to get on to the perimeter, and fire assault rifle at the white house, and actually peers some of the windows. >> one of the windows of course where one of the children, the obama children, sasha. >> sue serio, we die great at 5:11. >> keeping an eye on the visibility in morning, fog seems to be thickening up little bit out in lancaster county, where it was cents a big problem yesterday, 3-mile visibility, reduced visibility, everywhere else, looks okay. temperatures as you walk out the door, if you are, early on this wednesday morning, are about the same as they were yesterday. so, we're expecting a high in the mid seven's, which is seasonable for this time of year. and a ten tomorrow with no rain in the forecast, just some nuisance showers possibly today. friday balance of the day, friday night into saturday, we expect maybe little more weather drama with stronger cold front.
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and 65 degrees, is all we'll manage for sunday 11 minute after 5:00, now it is 12 after, anyway, back to clementon, new jersey, it is the only real problem accident wise that we have this morning, between white horse pike and berlin road, white horse avenue, an accident has the right lane blocked. chris? >> sue, thank you. at 5:12, people say things such as yoga and tea are good for you. but it turns out, they may actually be damaging your health. i hate yoga so that's good news for me. what experts are saying about those and more health craze z. >> is yoga a craze? it's been around for thousands >> is yoga a craze? it's been around for thousands of years.on my journey across a,
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fire turns to rip through a string of stores, and leave several people homeless. fire crews are still trying to put this out. the biggest problem we're now told is the win. we're following this closely. our steve keeley live on scene, gathering new information, he'll have live report in just minutes for you. >> we've got some national news this morning, a teen in custody following shooting in louisville, kentucky at a high school. that suspect nabbed hours after the incident yesterday. one of the students is in the hospital, with non-life threatening injuries. students were very quickly evaculated from fern creek traditional high school. nearby elementary school placed on lockdown, no word on whether the victim and the
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shooter new one another. >> the body of missing realtor is found. now, police are revealing more details about just what happened before her murder. thirty-three year old aaron lewis pick up monday in arkansas. police in little rock say he set up point tonight view a local with 49 year old beverly carter on thursday before he abducted and killed her. her body was found hours after lewis was cents brought in, discovered, her body was discovered in a shale so grave at a concrete company about 25 miles outside little rock. >> do you have anything to say to the family? >> sorry. >> what else do you opportunity say to her family? >> sore. >> i why beverly? >> because she was just a woman that worked alone, a rich broker. >> lewis pleaded not guilty to preliminary charges of capitol murder, kidnapping, robbery, in connection with carter's death. >> happening today, philadelphia mayor michael nutter scheduled to sign a
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bill that would decriminalize the possession of small amounts of pot. ones this is law, police will be fined -- people, discuss me, will be finds for having less than an ounce of weed, 25 bucks. anyone caught smoking in public will be fined $100, but there would be no criminal record. new regulations cents apply only in philadelphia. we now know when three people accused every beating up a gay cup nel center sitly have their day in court. they are scheduled for a preliminary hearing on december 16th. police say that that attack was so brutal, it left one of the victims with a wired jaw. but attorneys for the suspects insist that this altercation was two sided and that gay bashing wag not the motive. right now pennsylvania hate crimes law does not include protections for sexual orientation, legislators are trying to change that. >> so take a good look at this right here. what's in this trash can? team people accused of trying
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to steel an atm. not the machine but the actual machine. try to hide it, yes, in this trash can. okay, well, take the video full. take a look for yourself. accused culprits in jail. sabina kree coast was in berks county, to gather more information on this story, in reading. >> most thieves go straight for the cash and the merchandise. cops say this guy broke right through the glass and went went for the atm. store owners say what happened next is just bizarre. >> caught on camera. watch this thief strung he will to steel an amm machine. his clever plan, disguised inside trash bin, one with wheels. >> do you believe that somebody tried to do this? >> never, never, never. very strange. >> andrew torez owns new eva in reading, his store on the surveillance video. happened in the we hours of sunday morning, torez still can't believe his eyes. the atm was plugged in, the thief even trips over the
5:19 am
cords. >> the cost of the atm3500. >> heavy, the suspect barely can leave the machine into the bin, even walking off at one point, before giving it one last shot. this time he carts the machine off. lungly alert police officers noticed something wrong, and come take closer look. >> i appreciate t i say thank you. >> police say they found this man 43 year old john, and his alleged accomplice, 48 year old cathy sandler, 2 miles away, carting the machine into an apartment building. the duo was quickly arrested. >> i was pretty glad they caught him, pretty quick. >> torez's family says their father works seven days a week to support them. despite the odd crime, his kids have a message for the alleged bad guys. >> i personally think when the man gets out of jail, that he is going to, like, feel sorry for what he did. and like not commit it again, but that hole will still be in his heart. >> the suspect are in lock up, they face burglary charges in reading sabina, "fox 29 news".
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coming up on 5:20 right now, some health headlines to get to. number of healthy fads that you may be doing that could apparently be doing you more harm than good. the first is hot yoga. if you do that, you're damaging your knees there is method combines extreme temperatures and stretching. while it promises toss loosen your muscles, hot yoga can actually make you think you're more flexible than you really are. so likely to push your joints beyond their natural stopping points. and, if you are using sleep trackers, you may not actually be monitoring what you think you are. health experts say the best way to track if you're getting enough sleep is to judge how you feel. >> we know we're not getting enough, because we feel horrible each morning. >> oh, chris. pumpkin snap. >> must be from not getting enough sleep. >> we all heard an apple a day keeps the doctors away. found certain type of apple could be the key to fighting
5:21 am
obesity, researchers at washington university, had to be washington state, right, that granny smith apples promote good bacteria in the gut. they say there is helps the body feel fuller, longer. research is suggesting bacteria in the gut is often disturbed in obese people, and then encourages hunger pains? >> really? >> they say the granny smith could help reduce those issues, and cut obesity related illness. >> wonder what it is cents about them? tart? >> they're crisp. >> they're not red. maybe there is something in the -- i don't know, whatever, it is cents 5:21. we don't have time for pontificate g on apples. >> well, they're good in pie. >> perfect. >> here's your wednesday planner. we've got some fog around this morning, in a few spots, it is not extreme, but it is out there. and 62, lower 60s, as you go through the morning drive. by lunchtime up to 70 degrees,
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later on, about 74. can't rule out stray shower or two, but shouldn't and big deal. that's your weather authority forecast. it is time to take a look at traffic. construction, that had the left lane blocked on the turnpike, eastbound, between virginia drive and bensalem, it is all clear now. kerry? >> all right, sue. so first things first. caffeine-infused underwear exists cents. >> that would perk you up. >> that's the good news, now it is coming un fire by the federal trade commission, why they say the company behind the underwear is falsely advertising their product. the underwear is falsely advertising their product. you think
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take the ultimate road trip and see why i love new york. for more information, go to >> several reports due out today include, the sa p.m. 500 closing yesterday down, the dow dipped 28 points, to 17,000 nasdaq lost 12. >> two days down. e cigarette is being blamed for apartment fire in honolulu, woman says she left the dough vice charging for about two hours, when she returned home, found the kitchen counter on fire, managed to put it out before firefighters got there. so far at least ten documented e-cigarette fires have been reported world-wide. >> have your beer and eat it, too. spread recall beer has finally
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hit the market. italian brewer came that turned beer into spread recall edible couldn't meant. you can use it on everything from pastries to meats to fruits. the beer spread is alcohol-free, but tastes like the real thing. you can order it from the italian brewer, for $17 ajar. you got to be drunk to buy that. >> caffeine infused underwear, not answer answering to the federal trade commission, or are now. traders of the i pant. >> what? >> found guilty of faulty advertising. >> the i pant? >> the i pant. >> are you panting? i pant over. >> this fcc said their ads led customers to believe they would lose weight by wearing this. they also claim that it would break up cellulite. >> stop. >> yes, the brand has cents been ordered to refund customers who purchase this ipad. total of one and a half million dollars. >> they should lose their
5:27 am
money, the customers. >> decaffeinated pants? >> are you married? >> 5:27. so these news anchors are cracking up. because, like us, they're -- >> they just saw a bee, though, land right on one of their cameras. they're outdoor, you know, like we have those cameras that look around at the city. but the meteorologist reaction here is priceless. we'll show it to you. >> michael phelps in much hotter water than usual today. he's now responding to fans after being arrested for
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get a free quote at (families displaced, businesses cents destroyed. fire overnight collapses, and several build, how they're dealing with the devestation. steve keeley have a live report. social media, how sex assault case was cracked, thanks to app called snap chat. >> yep. and the red light cameras are watching. starting today, the grace period is over, in one local town, annual very to pay up if you're caught speeding through the red lights. >> first 2014, we can't see you, but you can see us, but, with the glass we have here at fourth and market street, we know, kerrey, weaver one viewer, right there, just outside of market street.
5:31 am
>> thanks for being with us, october 1st, sue serio tracking our weather, steve keeley have a live report from the fire you sue and talking about how not only rain but the winds fan cents the flames. >> yes, really been the most windy place in our viewing area. right there by the shore. but that often hams when you're right by the ocean, so we'll check on that situation coming up. meantime, clouds, some fog out there, and your bus stop buddy, just long sleeve shirt on today, jersey, and with the sixers starting training camp yesterday. little sixers cap on in there. eight out of ten for your number today. we'll have some sunshine, have seasonal temperatures, but, mostly cloudy skies at times. and few stray sprinkles here and there. and you can see, isolated shower just pong up, at the shore, there as we look at the rest of the viewing area, not much in the way of showers, but they're here and around. got to mention it, it is not even necessarily umbrella worthy. there you see clouds, some sun, stray shower, 73 degrees today, and then tonight a little bit cooler, even with
5:32 am
the cloudy skies. there it is your weather authority forecast. we go back to traffic or if you just joined us, here's traffic in clementon, new jersey, white horse avenue, between the white horse pike and berlin road. there is cents an accident, that has the right lane block. >> route 73, construction there, has the left lane blocked. concerny? >> sue, thanks. it is 5:32, breaking news we've been following for this morning out of atlantic city. late night fire spreads to several structures just block from the boardwalk. >> this has been developing scene, steve keeley has been on for us all morning long. steve, what's the latest? >> non-stop fire here, very stubborn, seeing lots of smoke, where it is even worse apparently, we're on atlantic avenue. that's the main four-lane strip that runs north and
5:33 am
south two blocks back, right behind resorts casino, and this was a strip of active businesses, that were actually open, two of them adult businesses, they're open around the clock, and then we had bunch of apartments, all filled with families, and a lot of little kids luckily still awake. kids smelled the smoke first, woke up the moms and dads, everybody got out of the ants on the upper floors, everybody got out of the businesses cents on the lower floors. fire chief dennis brooks says it is these winds that have been blowing off the beach, all night, that are keeping this fire burning. >> fire got up to the roof area, surrounded the roof, going in the direction of the wind. that's our "issue tonight". two partial collapses 1114 and 1116 and in the rear of 1118 is collapsed. weather was as issue tonight, the wind didn't help us, but eventually this will go out.
5:34 am
we dumped probably a million or 2 gallons of water on it. we're still going. well, they're taking bets on whether it will still be going once the sun comes up. so we have another hour waiting for. that will this is the first spot the sun comes up over the horizon. may see how smokey this thing is, smoke going from white to black, never good sign. that means that more stuff is freshly burning. and we saw some guys going underground, from atlantic city electric here, so they had some power situations cents, they were dealing with, down a manhole nearby here, too. so, a lot of problems still out here, but again, the fortunate thing in this fire that we don't always see is no one hurt, no firefighters hurt, the fight you are hearing chief brooks tell us about all of the walls and the floors collapsing, we are starting to see firefighters go into this building, where the flames are up on the roof, so, the danger for them is still not over yet. chris, kerrey, we'll see you with an update as soon as there is a reason to give you one. if not we'll see you at 6:00.
5:35 am
>> thank you, steve. meantime, be prepared to cough up green if you are caught speeding through red light in abington township. >> one hundred fire fines started at midnight. zero six day grace period officially over. yep, during the two month trial close to 700 people violated red lights, but authorities found most of those that were running through the intersections, were not actually the residents of abington. the cameras are at the intersections every old york and susquehanna roads. old york and old welsh roads, and more land and fitzwatertown road. >> 5:35 is the time. pennsylvania has new law designed to reduce heroin overdoses. governor corbett signed the law yesterday, mixed antidote for overdoses cents more available to police and the public. narcan actually reverses effect of heroin, also provides immunity from prosecution to host who help overdose victims. the nfl pushing back after the fcc decides to eliminate its sports black out rules.
5:36 am
what that means for how you watch the big game. >> things get little weird on fox news set. a giant bee makes appearance, and it is real. how the meteorologists were hacked. you have to see it.
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5:38 am
fox 29, thanks for being part of our show this morning, police looking for three mask
5:39 am
men, who stormed a philadelphia 7-eleven, with guns in hand. >> this happened earl mine day morning at the store on the 6300 block of lebanon avenue in overbrook. police say the men had handguns and an ak47 type of rifle. caught on video pointing guns at the workers there, men got away with some money before officers got there bids at the rupp shea rival casino. submitted highers bid so far, $98 million. the company owns the hard rock hotel and casino, paradise island in the bahamas, buying with florida developer glenn straub for the right to buy the revel for pennies on the dollar. revel closed on september 2nd, just two years after it opened. some wild weather striking colorado, we talked about snow yesterday. now, severe hail storms. >> this was first seen dropping hail yesterday. national weather service issued tornado briefly tore
5:40 am
two counties, many people reported serious car damage, including shattered windshields. more stormy weather is forecast for today. >> big hail, too, say it was quarter size, that will do some damage to the car. >> hey sales at the dealership, happens often. >> inventory is damaged. >> the latest, still little interesting trivia for you, sue? >> yes, i appreciate it, because i never lived anywhere but the northeast. and i don't know about a hail sale. >> a hail sale. >> a hail sale. , this morning, little patchy fog around, depends on where you are. mostly west of us, out there, in the country, and cloudy skies and stray shower, possible, we've seen some of those this morning. this afternoon, we will see some sunshine. also, mostly cloudy skies, comfortable temperatures today and tomorrow. now, as we head into the weekend, the rain comes over night, friday, into saturday, looks like the balance of the
5:41 am
day on friday, should be okay. but, as a result of that cold front, with the rain friday night, into saturday, the autumn chill returns on sunday, and it will be quite chilly by then. but it is football weather, it is okay. we'll take a look now at traffic. at 5:41, and we start off in riverton, new jersey, this is route 130 southbound, between church road and union avenue. construction there will slow you down because two right lanes are blocked. chris? , kerry? >> thank you, sue, 5:41 this morning, so if you shop attack me a lot, worried about the data breach we first told you about yesterday, we've got you covered. everything you need to know if you're at risk, and, what you need to do in the future, if this happens at another store that you frequent.
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5:44, continuing to follow breaking news out of atlantic city as fire rips through a string of stores, and we have -- leaves several people homeless. fire crews are still out there, trying to put this thing out. it is as little bit windy, especially down the shore, so that's making this a little bit difficult to fight this morning, following the story, though, very, very closely. steve keeley on the scene, he'll have live update for you coming up in just a few minutes. right now, though, headed to sports in one minute with howard eskin.
5:45 am
>> eagles go with important player back, offensive line has injury problems, and the right tackle lane johnson will be back after his four game suspension, now, johnson was not permitted any contact with the team, while on suspension, and worked out in texas, so is he ready to play? >> get some plays under your bet, get back in the rhythm. that's all it is, once you're in practice, day in, day out, gets into your second nature. >> i don't think any more awkward than the lasts few weeks, so good to get lane back. you know, we'll justin to building where we left off. >> and there is nothing like flyers pre-season hockey. last night at the wells fargo center, flyers up two-one, the new york rangers, and wayne simmons makes it three; they win it four-two against the rangers. that's sports in a minute. and i'm howard eskin.
5:46 am
>> first caught in a picture with a bong. now michael pep ups second time, yes, this is his second dui offense, evidently. police say phelps was driving eight a miles per hour in a 45 miles per hour zone when he was pulled over yesterday morning in baltimore. >> this incident comes after 2004dui arrest. phelps is now apologetic, responding on twitter phelps wrote i understand the severity of my actions cents and take full responsibility. i knows these words may not mean much right now, but i am deeply sorry to everyone i have let down, unlike the marijuana picture which got him in hot water. dui, people die. >> my goodness. 5:46. federal communications commission votes to sack the nfl black out rule. >> don't get your hopes too high. it doesn't mean the blackouts are going away altogether. here is what actually is going on, it does mean, you can no longer blame the government,
5:47 am
now, football fans can only cry foul for the nfl, which is the contract, cable companies does. >> this league says without the rule, more games would move to pay cable, instead of being free. >> i see. >> both ways. >> yes, yes. the flyers say that they listened to their fans. >> yes, the female ice team will be back for the 2014-2015 season. there was clam or to bring back the girls seen here on "good day" philadelphia now the flyers say they'll hold tryouts sunday at the skate zone in voorhees. >> sexual assault case has three massachusetts teams in trouble with the law. they're facing charges in the kidnapping assault on 16 year old girl, earlier this month. nineteen year old richaud in
5:48 am
court yesterday, prosecutors argue that he and his girlfriend committed the crime, and then had a 17 year old record and up load the crime to his social picture sharing site, snap chat. friends of the victim saw the video, told her dad, that dad is who called police. >> one of the videos, the victim was actually seen being held up by her assailant, because she could not stand up on her own. >> justice cussing. the victim was found behind a school. attorneys say that she tested positive for oxycontin, thc, which is of course part of marijuana, and alcohol, and could have died. now, listen to this, one of the dads, one of the boy's dads actually was also arrested. prosecutors say he swapped phones out with his son to try to throw the police offer. >> apple doesn't fall far from the tree. >> here is how to protect
5:49 am
yourself. contract your credit or debit card company to let them know you may in fact and victim. call one of the three credit reporting agencies, activate 09 day fraud alertment you can also purchase a third party security monitoring plan, but they may not catch all suspicious activity. and in the future, ask for your purchase to be transacted as credit even when using your debit card. >> if they do get your credit cards, opening up to all of your financial life, your home webbing i i loan, your savings account. so use your credit cards. credits carts are not immune from being hack, but do you have more protection. >> the added layer, middle person. also can charge for replacement card, but ask to drop the fee or ask the merchant hacked to pick up the tab. >> all right, it is just about 5:50. meteorologist from indianapolis who has become the buzz on line, after an
5:50 am
unexpected guest interrupts her live forecast. >> sunshine continues today. i'm just kidding. i'm laughing at the bee. oh, my gosh! he's back. (laughing). >> i'm going toned up zero up on some blooper real. let's get past the traffic camera. i don't want to look it the. >> she knows it is not in the buildingment running away will not actually do anything, right? >> it is indianapolis. they're bored, right? >> i guess not a lot going on there. >> clearly not. >> not that big. this is jennifer, regardless, from fox 59 in indianapolis. caught off guard, obviously, by this unexpected guest. >> whatever. >> whatever. viagra trying new approach to reach its target audience for years, pfizer, the company that makes that drug, has cents been using men in its commercials. >> the message was usually
5:51 am
subtle inneundo. now the company taking direct approach and using woman to encourage men to get treatment. >> wasn't it viagra that used to have the commercials, like the man and the woman in the separate tub, looking over? >> oh, that was the ad. this is the same thing pretty much, right? mike says he knows all about it. >> i wouldn't. >> please. >> you what's embarrassing? trying it watch the eagles game, sue serio, i got to beep the commercials, erection lasting more than -- >> i don't want my kids knowing about erections, come on, don't laugh. this is on national television. >> i don't want to say anything, but there are ten year olds watching right now, you just said it. >> you know what, my wife just told me it is time that we have to talk. >> well? let's not do it on tv.
5:52 am
>> no. >> what's going on? >> poor kids. >> don't call me. >> that fog yesterday in lancaster, it is back. .8 of a mile visibility, so, we're getting socked in with fog there. doesn't look bad most other places, but we'll keep an eye on that situation, no advisories in effect, temperatures are pretty similar to where we were yesterday 61 in philadelphia, depend how much sun shy we get today, sunny, nice, a ten for tomorrow. and then, as we get toward the weekends, things will change, with much chillier temperatures, both saturday and sunday, remember, last weekend, when we were in the 80s both days. not so much this weekend. 5:52 is the time. let's check traffic for you. we start off in clementon, problem we've had all morning. accident on white horse avenue
5:53 am
, right lane blocked there. >> fine dining with five course meal. this is not a restaurant. cents as homeless shelter. how this all came together. thanks to unlikely
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> coming from fifth grade nerve arizona, getting the opportunity of a lifetime. head today japan, to perform her own original piano piece,
5:56 am
with yamaha foundation, she said she got the idea from the piece she wrote double trouble, she calls it, from a bok series she was reading, the young musician has been performing since very early age. >> they say the 10,000 hour rule. right? >> protein giving back, gourmet meals, feeding them to the homeless. >> yes, 12 year old ben of scottsdale, arizona, he surprised 200 homeless men, women and children, with these meals, in fact, even transformed one of the shell err dining rooms into an upscale restaurant. he came up with the idea as part of his project. he said he enjoys dining out with his family and he wanted to share a similar experience. >> following breaking news, after fire in atlantic city collapse the several buildings, families destroyed, businesses destroyed, how the city dealing with the devestation. then, lauren johnson live
5:57 am
after another state trooper was killed, and less than a month. lauren? >> good morning to you, chris. that's right, philadelphia state police trooper, is killed accidentally yesterday in a shooting. we'll tell you more about who he is, how it all happened, behold, the subway steak, egg white and cheese: start your morning off right with juicy, sizzly steak, stacked high with protein-packed egg whites, melty cheese and whatever else you love, like jalape├▒os or spinach - all on warm, toasty flatbread. subway. eat fresh.
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massive fire ripping through businesses cents and homes, live with the investigation. plus. >> an individual traveling from liberia, has been diagnosed with ebola in the united states. >> heads of cdc, first confirmed case of ebola is now in america. what we are learning right now and more on the first -- push to find anyone that may have come in contact with this person. >> ben penn state trooper accidentally killed at local gun range watch we're learning this morning about that trooper, and what happened the moment before he was shot. >> learning whole lot more about this. the secret service under fire over a list of security breaches. was president obama's life put in danger during newest trip? latest failure for the top police force. >> bungled a lot lately. good morning, everyone, today is


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